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Character Design for Video Games, Movies, and Comics    Zak Hennessey


All of your favorite characters in video games, movies, comic books, and more were created by concept artists hired to bring these iconic individuals to life. Without skilled concept artists, we wouldn’t have such great characters to watch, read about, or play. Concept artists are a special breed of artist. They have always enjoyed designing their own characters, creatures, and worlds, and have been fascinated with the characters in their favorite popular media.


This class is designed to help you learn the common techniques used by professional concept artists when they approach a new character idea, whether it be their own creation or that of a client or employer. These techniques will help students create a portfolio aimed at finding work in this area, or help creative artists better design their own characters.


Topics covered will be silhouettes, thumbnails, early sketches, refined sketches, and final art. The more of these skills an applicant has, the better their chance of finding a career in this field.


This course consists of four sessions of four hours each, and fits seamlessly with the following classes: Creature Design, Vehicle and Prop Design, Background Design, Concept Art, Heroic Figures and Forms, Heroic Heads and Hands, Action Anatomy. It also complements our comic book and manga creation classes.


Instructor Zak Hennessey has been creating characters all his life. It became a serious interest in elementary school, and grew from there. Since then, he has created hundreds of characters, both for his own intellectual properties, and for clients in Los Angeles, New York, Denver, and as a freelancer in other states. He attended the Art Academy of Los Angeles and the Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design, and has spent tens of thousands of hours working on his craft.


This course will have a maximum of 10 students, so reserve your spot today!


Heroic Life Drawing  Uninstructed

Heroic Figure Drawing sessions are uninstructed life drawing sessions where our models dress up in genre costumes appropriate for comic books, movies, video games, etc. They stand in "heroic" poses appropriate for those fields, providing useful reference for our students and other attendees. Typically they hold props and weapons. We try to provide a life drawing experience that is unique and more appropriate for our students needs than a typical fine art life drawing session.


Our goal is to host two Heroic Figure Drawing classes per month. We will be adding a calendar to this page at the bottom. Our next two session is Saturday, February 21st from 2-5pm.


Costs are as follows:  Current Academy Students: $8   General Public: $10    Military Veterans: Free (with tip)

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