The Academy has received many testimonials from students who have benefited from our classes. We have a think file folder that we are in the process of adding to this page, but for now here are a few for you to read over. Some are about individual classes, some about the Academy in general, and others are about individual instructors. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at the number above, or email us.

Student Testimonials


"The instructor (Zak Hennessey) was definitely helpful in guiding each of us individually, and helping us defeat each of our own struggles. I have most definitely seen great improvement in my work throughout this 10 week course."

     --Nicole H


"In only 10 classes at D.E.A.D. Academy I saw more improvement in my drawing than the last 10 years."

     --Amber V


"D.E.A.D. Academy is an affordable alternative to high-priced "art schools" that will surely leave you in debt. Industry professoinals make the best teachers! Take a class and you'll see!"

     --Amanda W


"The overall experience I had with the class was amazing. I had no art background and the teachers helped me learn a lot."

     --Tyler A


"D.E.A.D. Academy is a great school. I wish it was around when I was

younger! I learned so many tips, tricks, and processes... Great, great school."

     -- Ali W


"Fundamentals, but with a comic style and process. Exactly what I needed to breathe some life into my figures."

     --Ben P


"As someone who always looks to learn new sets of skills that I can apply in a multitude of ways to a multitude of ideas, the skills learned in this class will prove to be essential. The class itself went above and beyond expectation, in a large part a testament to the instructor and instruction."



"Zak is a great teacher that has tons of experience in the field working with a lot of companies. The best part about his teaching is that he closely watches your progress and gives you specific advice and good homework. You can tell he enjoys teaching and helping, which makes class even better."

     --Mason M


"Before taking Action Anatomy, I barely understood how anatomy influenced poses and the overall 'feeling' of an illustration. After the class at the Denver Entertainment Art and Design Academy, I caneasily fill a page with properly applied anatomy parts and poses!"

     --Nicole H


"Action Anatomy was so helpful in filling in the gaps so I could push my art to the next level, and helped give me a better understanding of the human form. I can now draw poses from my imagination which is something I could never do before."

     --Amber V


"I learned something every day in this class. We covered everything from muscles, tendons, center of gravity, body language, perspective, and tons more. I have never improved so much in my work before this class. No regrets.

     --Marissa B


"Zak is an awesome instructor! He has a way of showing us stuff in the easiest, fastest way possible. Photoshop was an irritating blur before U took this class. I feel like I learned so much! :D

     --Amanda W


"I recommend this class for anyone who wants to be able to feel confidence in their drawing."

     --Mason M


"This class was incredible! Tess is such a great teacher, and she made it so much fun. I was so lucky to be able to have this experience and I'm so happy I can say I took a class with her! I learned some awesome stuff, so thank you Tess!"

     --Muriel D


"This was an amazing experience. I learned so much and hope to take another class soon."

     --Maggie A


"This class was great!" Not oly id my story telling improve, but I got much better at composition, perspective, and character design. I feel more confident as an artist to portray a story visually to a client."

     --Amber V


"I feel I learned countles invaluable skills in this class, not only about Photoshop and coloring, but also in regards to lighting, perspective, and other assorted skills! A must-take for anyone who hopes to crack into the entertainment industry."

     --Amanda W


"Digital color class helped me get to the point where I feel comfortable coloring my own and even other people's comics. Widening my skill set in this class was fun and made the comic industry seem more possible to get into."

     --Mason M


"Overall my experience with the class was great! I learned so much, every class I was able to learn something new or great ways to improve my techniques. I got all the answers I needed and I am pleased with the way time was distributed between individual instruction and class instruction. I loved this class and I am hoping to take more."

     --McKenna M


"Tess' Lifecasting class was fantastic. Not only did I learn a fantastic skill but I made amazing friends. I will absulutely take her next class!"



"Storyboarding was great, it helped me tell stories a lot better and I'm more aware of how movies are made. I've gotten really addicted to breaking down scenes in the movies and shows I watch. Plus, having Eric teach the class was cool since he's actually been in the industry. This class has helped my comic art and I feel ready to do storyboarding."

     --Mason M


"The storyboarding class was super fun! Erik is an approachable teacher who knows how to teach without making it feel like you are being overloaded with information. Lots of lessons in thie class can be applied to other skills and professions beyond storyboarding."

     --Christian R


"You can never learn enough, especially in a creative field. All levels of expereience can learn from the storyboarding class. Erik was extremely helpful and knowledgeable, and pushed all of us each week to surpass ourselves. We all definitely got much better at using compositional skills and storyboarding lingo."

     --Sarah M

Student Testimonials


"The things I learned in this class... my God. I learned more in these few weeks than years of taking classes. Who needs college when you have D.E.A.D. Academy? Plus! You don't have to sell your inner organs! Double Points!"

     --Nick V


"I came to D.E.A.D. Academy with no prior art classes, and less than one year of even trying to draw. After only five weeks of Heroic Figures and Forms, I gained the confidence to accurately draw any figure my imagination came up with without any reference photos. I still can't believe that I improved more during one class than in one full year of teaching myself from books and videos. The one on one time available in each class is something I've never encoundered before, even in college courses. I'm so grateful that I found D.E.A.D. Academy and can't wait to take more classes!"

     --Holly S


"D.E.A.D. Academy has helped so many people follow their dreams and strive in their field. Personally, I went to D.E.A.D. to enhance my comic art, and one year after my first class here, I was asked to do comics for fun and now for money. I recommend D.E.A.D. for the people that want TONS of knowledge for cheap."

     --Mason M


"It is in this class where I learned that it takes both step by step mapping and strategic planning to present impacting pieces of art for a client or a company. I learned here how to use Photoshop, how to color with the skills of a comic book artist, and how to expand my mind wider than before."

     --Izzy M


"D.E.A.D. Academy has made me more comfortable with drawing the human form. Before I felt as if images and ideas were stuck in my head - and I was frustrated when trying to translate them on to paper. Now I feel like I have tools to translate these ideas into actual drawings."

     --Robert M


"This class really opened my eyes to the infinite possibilities of the human face and helped me learn to keep my characters consistent."

     --Sarah F


"After taking Heroic Heads & Hands, looking at people's facial features will never be the same. I now immediately notice how a person's face is constructed - what makes it unique from other faces, and most importantly how I can replicate those features in my drawings or change them to invent my own unique features."

     --Robert M


"Each class I learned more and more. By the last clsas I was amazed at how much I improved. I am always excited for my next lesson and will continue to learn here."

     --Caleb H


"I learned many techniques for coloring digitally, that I am already using in my artwork. :) I am glad to have found the D.E.A.D. Academy, as I've learned many things that has helped me as an artistl"

     --Christian R


"Action Anatomy helped me overcome my fears of wanting to be a Comic artist for a living. The things I learned there enabled me to recognize what it is that those professional artists do to make their art so entertaining. I can now make any pose have great personality - and authentic anatomy."

     --Mason M


"Action Anatomy really helped me grow, and made me capable of creating more 'dramatic' poses. It was truly great first frormal arts education experience."

     --Sarah E


"Taking the Character Design class at the D.E.A.D. Academy has helped me to create characters that are more memorable, designs that stand out so much more than before. It has made me more confident to jump into the world of entertainment. I HIGHLY recommend this class."

     --Mason M


"Character Design has helped me step up to a whole new level in both my artistic skill set as well as the challenges of expressing my point of view. Developing the characters throughout this class has inspired me to further pursue my dream career in concept art. I nbow have a hasic idea of what will be expected from this job. Thank you so much, Zak Hennessey and the D.E.A.D. Academy."

     --Nicole H


"I would take more classes from D.E.A.D. Academy and from Tess Laeh. Thanks, all, for the experience!"



"This class was very fun and I gained much needed knowledge. The class was cool. If this was Yelp I would give it five stars. Wait, is this Yelp...?"

     --Jess M


"It was great learning from a professional who has experinece in the field. We were able to learn the standards that are expected."

     --Stefan K


"I've always loved drawing super heroes, but my results have been mixed at best. Even when I liked what I was doing, I didn't know why. Heroic Figure Invention gave me a sense of how to control my drawing and understand what I was doing wrong (and right) and really improve a lot in a very short time."

     --Ben P


"I really enjoyed Brandon Hovet's intro to sculpting class. Brandon gave some impressive demonstrations and provided very helpful, individual, instruction and suggestions. I would strongly recommend this class to anyone looking to improve their sculpting abilities."

     --Brittany B


" I Can't wait for my next clss!"

     --Donna H


"Overall I really enjoyed the intro to sculpting class. Brandon was very entertaining and knowledgeable. He wasn't afraid to explain his techniques. Great class.

     --Jared H


"I had never sculpted anything before this class. I had no clue on where to even begin. I learned a lot and can't wait to start other sculpting projects. We learned how to make different details and learned important techniques that I will always need in the future. Very helpful."

     -- Unsigned :(


"These classes changed my views of art and comics and taught me how to apply techniques to my lining, sketching, and penciling. I really enjoyed it and can't wait to take more classes."

     --Unsigned :(


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