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The building that the Academy was leasing was purchased by a new owner in July of 2014. They allowed us to continue running classes until December of 2015. In 2016, they announced plans to renovate the building so they ended our lease. Denver being the way it is, finding a new place to teach classes and still keep enrollment as affordable as possible seems unlikely, but if you would like to be notified of future classes, please contact us at



Owner and Founder Zak Hennessey, instructor of the comic book, video game, and movie art classes, is considering teaching private classes to smaller groups of individuals. If that is something you would be interested in, please email him at



For those who came here looking for our FX classes, we are still in touch with Brandon Hovet, Evan Hedges, and Kevon Ward. From time to time they may decide to independently run workshops or classes. If you would like your information forwarded to them, please email with the Subject "FX classes with (teacher name)" and we will forward it.

The Denver Entertainment Art and Design Academy was created to offer those who wish to pursue an education in the entertainment industry the chance to get a Los Angeles quality art education while living in Colorado. From movies to video games to comic books and more, it's our goal to bring in teachers who are professionals in their industries to show students exactly what employers in their fields are looking for. Whether attending for fun or to one day work in one of the major entertainment industries, our goal is to build your portfolio, because that is what Art Departments care about above all else - that you can get the job done and have an eye for design.

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